I thought I'd never recover from this one

June 2022

All the things I used to care a lot about but not really anymore

May 2022

It's too easy to feel like you're not getting enough done, and that's what prevents you from getting more done.
Trying to figure out my identity crisis
Here's the litmus test for doing things that are aligned with your personal goals
Here's how they've reflected at home and in the office.

April 2022

When some parts of your life are consistent and predictable, you can take on more parts of life that are risky and unpredictable.
Some of the YouTube channels and blogs that have helped me grow the most
Here's how I made some crazy things happen in New York →

February 2022

I’ve been working with Ubu for the last 5 months, and so far I’ve been functioning as a one-person marketing team, handling pretty much everything…

January 2022

Who remembers Limewire? The Pirate Bay? Mp3shits.com? Those were the websites a lot of us (me included) used to get our music from back in the day…

September 2021

If you’ve been following me for a while, you would have noticed that I kind of disappeared from my YouTube channel and this newsletter for the last two…